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Use Outcome Tracker to effortlessly track intervention outcomes


Bring standardization and efficiency to your outcomes tracking and reporting


Demonstrate value-added outcomes to funders, payers, accrediting bodies and grant agencies


Eliminate pen and paper screenings and data entry


Save staff time and money


About Outcome Tracker

Outcome Tracker is a screening and analytics platform that electronically measures the effectiveness of counseling interventions provided by behavioral health providers/vendors. Outcome Tracker can be securely accessed by BH providers and their clients 24/7 from any internet connected computer, tablet or smart phone.

BH providers/vendors rely on Outcome Tracker to:

  • effectively measure client outcomes;
  • track client satisfaction;
  • assess provider quality;
  • improve intervention efficacy;
  • provide independent, objective outcomes data to relevant stakeholders; and
  • substantiate marketing and performance claims


Pre-post screening method

Outcome Tracker uses a "pre-post" methodology to capture client screening data both prior to, and after, counseling intervention. The improvement delta is then automatically measured and stored. Providers can view all outcomes data and reports on a client-specific, population-specific, or aggregate basis.



All outcomes data and analytics can be exported in report form to PDF, or in raw data fields to Excel to satisfy grant agency and/or accrediting body reporting requirements.


Pre installed surveys

Outcome Tracker comes equipped with the screening surveys listed below. (NOTE: BH providers can, however, request to have their own preferred screening survey(s) installed onto the platform, if they so desire):

  • Wellbeing Checkup-The Wellbeing Checkup is a global survey that measures life-satisfaction across 10 life-domains. It is a 12-item survey that consists of 10 life-satisfaction questions, plus two items pertaining to workplace absenteeism and presenteeism;
  • Post-Intervention Questionnaire-The Post-Counseling Questionnaire is a 6-item survey that enables clients to rate their providers. This, in turn, enables vendors to assess the quality of their provider networks, and to weed out under-performing practitioners.
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey-The Patient Satisfaction Survey is a 20-item questionnaire that allows patients to rate their satisfaction with medical services provided to them by their medical provider.
  • Pre-Session Checkup-The Pre-Session Checkup is intended to be administered by the client's counselor just prior to commencement of each counseling session. It asks the client to rate life-satisfaction across 6 life-domains since the last session was held; and to identify any topics the client wishes to address in the current session.
  • Post-Session Feedback-(Feedback Informed Therapy)-The Post-Session Feedback screening is completed by the client immediately following each counseling session. It consists of 4 questions that inform the counselor as to how effective the client perceived the session to be. Feedback Informed Therapy enables counselors to make needed adjustments in subsequent sessions. Feedback Informed Therapy has been shown to enhance client engagement; strengthen therapeutic alliance; keep clients in therapy longer; and, improve treatment outcomes.


Screening Options

There are two ways to capture client screening data:

  • via client self-administered screenings, or
  • via staff-facilitated screenings.


Client self-administered screenings can be conducted in the waiting room via a tablet computer, smart phone, or computer kiosk, or they can be remotely prompted via email and/or text message to enable clients to self-administer screenings from the privacy of their own homes.

Screenings may also be conducted in a facilitated manner, whereby a BH staff member asks the survey questions of the client in a face-to-face setting (or by phone), and then records the client’s responses into the Outcome Tracker's web interface on the client’s behalf. (Note: Research indicates that client-administered screenings yield more reliable data than facilitated screenings)


Prompting clients to complete any of the foregoing screening surveys is very easy, requiring only a few mouse clicks. Both the pre-screen, and any number of post screens can be scheduled.

EHR Integration

Outcome Tracker can be easily integrated into EHR systems for a more seamless user experience.

Align with the trend

Outcome Tracker is an essential tool for BH providers/vendors that wish to improve intervention efficacy, and align with the trend toward accountable, outcomes-based healthcare.


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Prompting Pre-post screenings

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