Better Living Portal


The Better Living Portal is an interactive web resource that enables EAP and BH vendors to complement their traditional wellness offerings with a "whole person" wellbeing program.


The majority of EAP and BH wellness programs utilize a standard Health Risk Assessment to engage users around their physical health issues, while, for the most part, ignoring the connection that emotional wellbeing or emotional distress has to overall health and happiness.

The Better Living Wellbeing portal, by contrast, integrates the two (the physical and emotional), along with positive psychology, resulting in deeper client engagement and enhanced client outcomes.

All of the screening tools embedded into the Better Living Portal are "best in class", validated, and extremely accurate in identifying a whole range of both physical and emotional issues. This, in turn, allows EAP and BH counseling staff to proactively intervene and offer preventative measures to help clients resolve their issues before they develop into more serious problems. In short, it mitigates the costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism, and health insurance and disability claims.

The Better Living Portal has the following applications/features. Please note that these applications are modular, meaning they can be turned on or off to suit whatever platform configuration is preferred:

  • Behavioral Health Risk Assessment (BHRA)- The BHRA screens users for 15 different behavioral health conditions, including risky alcohol and drug use, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, PTSD, intimate partner violence, and more;
  • Healthy Living Check-up- The Healthy Living Check-up measures users responses in 4 areas that are critical to overall wellbeing:1) medical conditions & bio-metrics, 2) lifestyle behaviors, 3) life satisfaction, and 4) behavioral health (includes screening for 15 different behavioral health conditions); The Healthy Living Checkup is a hybrid between the standard Health Risk Assessment and our Behavioral Health Risk Assessment;
  • ChangeAgent- Our ChangeAgent goal setting application uses interactive motivational interviewing interfaces to help individuals find the motivation to achieve their goals. The application encourages non-clinical goal setting. It also allows members to share their goals with their health management coach for follow-on discussion.
  • Rapid Reframe- Based on CBT reframing principles, our Rapid Reframe tool teaches individuals how to turn negatives thoughts and circumstances into positive ones.
  • Brief Intervention Modules- For those individuals who screen at-risk on any of the validated screening tools, they are directed to a brief intervention module for each such condition or item that has been identified. Each module delivers a web-based brief intervention, which includes motivational interviewing, change talk, and solution-focused techniques to foster and encourage positive behavioral change;
  • Coach Connect- Our CoachConnect application enables the transmission of all screening data to your health management coaching staff, and facilitates follow-on intervention and coaching;
  • Ask the Experts- The Ask the Experts forum allows members to ask questions on any wellbeing topic, and get answers from your health management coaching staff. Your experts' replies can be posted publicly or privately;
  • Groups- Our Groups application allows members to join a variety of support groups created and managed by one or more of your experts on any number of subjects such as depression, anxiety, moderate drinking, diet, exercise, eating disorders, diabetes, etc. Relevant groups can be suggested to members dynamically based on criteria designated by the member at time of account registration;
  • Dynamic Content Management- Our unique CMS enables you to easily create content sections dynamically and to link to web-based content "on the fly"
  • Internal Email- Enables coaches and their clients to correspond with each other through our internal email application, keeping all correspondence within our intranet, and thereby avoiding potential HIPAA concerns associated with transmission of sensitive PHI across the internet;
  • Back-end Administration- Our back-end admin suite enables you to easily manage all aspects of the Better Living portal, including the ability to create unique sub-domains for each of your employer groups. A variety of data is available pertaining to utilization, screenings, and populations;
  • Bulk Pre-registrations- The platform's admin page enables EAPs to easily upload an employee list in a CSV document, and then prompt the employees to register their account on the portal, and conduct various screenings. This application can prompt thousands of employees to register and screen at one time, thereby enabling EAPs to proactively engage large employer populations with a few mouse clicks.
  • Bulk Bio-Medical Data Upload- The platform's admin page enables EAPs to easily upload a CSV document containing bio-medical data gathered at an employer's location during an onsite health fair. The data can then be populated to an integrated HRA. In addition, the application also enables EAPs to prompt the employees to register their account on the portal, and conduct various screenings, including completion of the HRA. This application can prompt thousands of employees to register and screen at one time, thereby enabling EAPs to proactively engage large employer populations with a few mouse clicks.
  • Branding- The portal can be branded with the EAPs logo and color scheme.
  • Employer-specific Sub-domains- The platform's admin page enables EAPs to create employer-specific sub-domains "on the fly". This enables mining of employer-specific screening data and reporting.


For details, or to arrange a remote tour of the Better Living Portal via GoTo Meeting, call: